Death of the pigeons

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Two pigeons I found lying folded on the street. They weren’t in the trees;

or curiously pecking around for food;

nor fighting for territory;

and they weren’t even afraid of me.

Then I realized these two love beautiful birds weren’t alive anymore

Poor thing.

If God looks after the sparrows, surely he’s seen the mighty pigeons in their last hour.

I pray their souls are together in a bird paradise.


This is how I make sense of it

When a person can no longer laugh at himself, it is time for others to laugh at him.

-Thomas Szasz

I didn’t know this man until I heard what he said. He was right in a sense. I had been feeling offended by life and then I got mad at it and threw some insults at the wind and casted hateful mutterings underneath my breath.

William Hazlitt caught me by the arm and said;   Continue reading


My favourite book

It must be Sell or Be sold  by Grant Cardone. I’ve learnt so much from that book.

Not just about Selling but also about being myself. It’s tough proving to the world that you have a right to be on the planet, consume space, live a certain lifesytle, have the right to certain opinions of choice… either you sell others on your right to live or you get sold by others who will sell you how you ought to live.