About Beryl


I like to read. I never get a chance to reflect deep enough. I want to rule the world. So I thought I start reading. I read a few books and I started learning these things about myself:

  1. I can’t actually read a book
  2. I rather watch a video of a book
  3. I take forever to understand light and sound waves
  4. Authors say alot of things in books. I say the same thingsĀ ; I just don’t write them down.
  5. I like to draw stuff on books and usually across the words.
  6. I’m a visual, auditory learner with a need for kinesthetic repetition
  7. I think better when I’m asleep. ( but its hard to write down great ideas in your dreams. the pens and papers there are non-existential)
  8. I make up jargantuous amount of words.

Enjoy my posts, I write them to make myself smile.